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Mom refused to give up on the daughter doctors told her to abandon, now she’s a top model
Renee made a decision out of love for her daughter, and she had proved all her doctors wrong.
Caryl Jane Espiritu

After giving birth, new mom Renee was met with sad news. Her newborn baby girl had Down syndrome, and she instantly knew that the life she had ahead of her would be tough.

As expected, the doctors who looked after her and her little girl whom she named Kennedy, promptly advised her that her daughter would be much better off if she were placed in an institution. They supposed she might have to wear diapers even until adulthood.

According to the doctors, Kennedy would have had a better quality of life if she was in an institution.

However, Renee does not agree that keeping her child away from her is the better option. She did not follow what the doctors said and made sure that Kennedy would grow up healthy and strong by her side.

The doctors were not entirely wrong when they said Kennedy would have a tough life. The little girl had leukemia, but she bravely fought and won over the disease.

As she grew, Kennedy proved to her doctors and to everyone that she is capable of things that many thought she won’t be able to accomplish. The young girl loved dancing and has joined various state-wide dance competitions. She even modeled for well-known American companies!

Kennedy, now 16 years old, has proven time and time again that she is one strong young woman.

She has gone through various diseases, including cancer, and won the battle. Her condition did not matter because she knew what she wanted.

Her mother supports her fully, guiding her as she travels back and forth to Hollywood to audition as a model. She has landed various modeling gigs and her smile has won tons of hearts in America as she represents famous brands.

Most of all, Kennedy represents courage and the will to overcome what others think is impossible for people with the same condition as hers.

Kennedy also found love in Matthew, her boyfriend who also has Down syndrome. Who said that love is only for those who are not disabled? Even this young woman proved everyone wrong when she met someone who would love and cherish her as much as she deserves.

Years after giving birth to Kennedy, Renee realized just how much those doctors were uninformed of the truth. They immediately judged that a child with Down syndrome would never be able to live normally, let alone achieve something in life.

As it turned out, Kennedy was able to live as a normal person would. Her achievements are more than what others could accomplish and on top of all that, she believes that she is beautiful, which is certainly the truth.

Renee and Kennedy are major inspirations for parents whose kids have Down syndrome.

As of today, Kennedy’s Instagram account has earned over 138,000 followers. Her fans all over the world love her for her bravery, her inspiring attitude, her awesomeness, and her beauty.

Her mom is very proud of her and her achievements, and the two of them continue to inspire other people who are in the same situation. They tour schools and educate others about Down syndrome and how to interact with people with this condition.

Truly, Kennedy is living proof that living a happy life with Down syndrome is possible. With the right support and lots of love, even this condition that may seem hopeless can be turned around for the better.

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