30 Genius Kitchen Products Amazon Can Barely Keep In Stock
These are some of the best and most beloved products on Amazon
Kevin Chen

Whether I’m frying up eggs or rolling out pasta, I love being in the kitchen. And because I’m always cooking, I try to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest gadgets. You know — the kind of stuff that can help cut down on how long it takes to make dinner, or even save me a little money on spoiled greens.

But if you don’t have time to scour the internet for genius kitchen inventions? Not a problem — I’ve been keeping track of all my absolute best finds, which you’ll find below. From containers that extend the life of your produce by weeks, to cupcake molds you can use over and over, there’s a little something for every home cook in here. Frankly, some of these picks are so brilliant I’d say even Einstein would’ve been proud to have them in his cabinets. Why not you, too?

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

1. The Containers That Keep Your Avocados Fresh

Nothing wastes money like watching your avocados turn brown in the fridge — but these containers can help. Not only do they keep your avocados fresh (AKA saving you money), but they’ll also take up way less space in your fridge than plastic containers. Oh, and did I mention how they’re also less wasteful than plastic wrap?
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2. A Gadget That Gets Breakfast Made Quickly

When you’re in a rush and don’t have time to sit down for breakfast, you’ll be glad you grabbed this egg cooker. Just crack two eggs inside, and it’ll cook them into a tube-like shape that you can eat like a hot dog. Or, you can throw it into a wrap, eat it by itself — truly, you’ve got options here.
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3. These Chopsticks Are Made For Beginners

Let’s be honest: using chopsticks isn’t easy. That’s why this pair is connected together at the tip, making it easier to pinch them together — especially if you’re a beginner. And once you’ve finally given up, there’s a back-up fork built-into the top.
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4. A Travel Mug That Keeps Drinks Hot For Hours

You can go ahead and keep using your crappy plastic mug in the mornings, but why not upgrade to this insulated one instead? For less than $25, it’ll keep hot drinks warm for up to seven hours, whereas cold beverages stay icy for up to 18. And since it’s made from stainless steel, go ahead and drop it a few times — it (probably) won’t break.
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5. This Container That Keeps Tortillas Toasty

Granted, this tortilla warmer isn’t going to change your life — but it’ll definitely take your Tuesday taco night to the next level. Imagine how impressed your dinner guests will be as they pull soft, warm tortillas out of it. And if you don’t like tacos? It also works great with pita, naan, pancakes, rice, beans — the list goes on.
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6. An Ice Cream Scoop That’s Easier To Use

Have trouble scooping out ice cream? Throw out that cheap ol’ scoop in favor of this heavy-duty one. It digs deep into your carton, pulling out ice cream in a chunk that’ll fit perfectly into cones. And since it’s made from stainless steel, don’t even think about it rusting.
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7. This Knife Makes It Easier To Spread Butter

Ever try to spread cold butter onto bread? Simply put, it typically does not go well — unless you’re using this special butter knife. With slots running along the blade, it curls your butter up so that it’s easier to spread them, even when cold. Plus, reviewers found that it works even better if you run it under warm water beforehand.
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8. An Air Fryer For Less Than $60

If you don’t own an air fryer yet, now’s your chance to grab this one for less than $60. Why buy an air fryer in the first place? For starters, it uses a fraction of the oil that regular deep fryers use, which equates to lighter food, and less mess. And for two, this model in particular takes up little space on your counters, yet can still cook enough food for an entire family.
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9. The Containers That Help Keep Your Greens Fresh

I was a little skeptical about how well these produce savers would work — until I tried them out. Now I’m letting everything from tomatoes to garlic cloves sit in the fridge for weeks, and it all stays fresh until I’m ready to eat it. Plus, the containers (and built-in filter) are completely BPA-free.
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10. The Ice Cube Trays That Won’t Spill

Not only do these ice cube trays come with lids to keep your freezer safe from spills, but they’re also made from flexible silicone. That means you can bend and twist them however you like in order to pop your cubes out — but no matter how rough you are, they won’t crack. Your old-school plastic trays ain’t got nothing on these.
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11. This Sprayer That’s Perfect For Oil

You don’t have to drown your foods in oil — just use this sprayer to give them a light misting. It’ll also work with soy sauce, water, vinegar, or practically any type of cooking liquid. Plus, it’s made with real, high-quality glass instead of cheap plastic.
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12. A Gadget That Seals Your Snack Bags Shut

Ever take a bite of a chip that’s gone stale? To put it bluntly: ew. Luckily, this gadget seals foil bags shut so that your snacks stay fresh for later. “It works perfect to seal my Color Street nail strips that can easily dry out if left out,” raved one reviewer. “My nail strips are now secure!”
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13. The Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

Admit it: you’ve got a drawer that’s overflowing with mismatched plasticware lids. I used to have one too — until I downsized to these silicone lids. They stretch to fit containers of nearly any shape or size, and you can even use them to save halved fruit for later.
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14. A Dish That Can Extend The Life Of Your Soap

Whereas regular dishes will leave your bars of soap sitting in a sudsy mess, this one has a slatted design that helps it dry quickly. In turn, your bars of soap will last longer — and I like that it’s even made from real wood. Not plastic.
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15. These Kid-Friendly Pouches For Squeezable Snacks

If I said kids are messy, it’d be a total understatement — but these squeezable pouches are an easy way to keep them fed with minimal spillage. The double-zippered bottom allows for easy filling, while the leakproof top means your kids can drop them without any splatter. Each order comes with 10 pouches in two sizes.
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16. A Box That’ll Helps Your Bread Stay Fresh

The best part about this bread box isn’t even that it keeps your bread fresh — it’s that the bamboo top doubles as a cutting board you can use to slice up your loaves. “Not only is it large enough for two full loaves of bread, but more can be added,” wrote one reviewer. “Currently, I have hamburger and hot dog buns in there with two half loaves of bread and some small tortillas.”
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17. This Kitchen Mat That Helps Prevent Sore Legs

If you’ve ever gotten stuck standing at your counters doing prepwork for longer than expected, you know how sore your legs can get. That’s why this floor mat is extra-thick and soft, helping to cushion your joints so that your muscles don’t start to ache. And since it’s also waterproof, go ahead and spill whatever you want — it’ll come out just fine.
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18. A Butter Crock That’s As Stylish As It Is Useful

You’ve gotta admit that this butter crock looks good in the photo, so just imagine how stylish it’ll look sitting out on your countertop. The airtight lid preserves your butter’s rich flavor — and it’s even made from high-quality ceramic, not plastic.
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19. This Organizer For All Those Mismatched Lids

If you didn’t decide to scoop up those stretchable lids, you might as well grab this organizer for all those mismatched lids. It’s designed to fit tops up to nine inches, and the dividers are even adjustable — just in case one of your lids is thicker than others. Plus, it’s short enough to fit into cabinets, and drawers.
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20. A Sink Caddy With Room For All Sorts Of Scrubbers

Most sink caddies only have space for one or two scrubbers — but not this one. Not only is there space for at least two sponges, but there’s also a designated spot for any scrubbers with handles. Plus, it’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel, so don’t even worry about it getting wet.
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21. The Tea Tumbler Made From Sleek Glass

Don’t waste your money buying bottled tea — make your own on-the-go using this tumbler. The sleek glass makes you feel oh-so fancy whenever you pull it out, while the double-wall insulation helps keep your tea at the proper temperature. It’s also leakproof, and the filter is reusable.
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22. A Scrubber You Can Use All Over Your Home

There’s a reason why this Scrub Daddy is one of the most profitable deals ever made on Shark Tank. Not only will it not leave behind any scratches, but it’s also odor-resistant, and safe to use on nearly any surface. It’ll also change texture depending on its temperature, making it great for cleaning everything from tough rust to softer grime.
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23. These Produce Bags You Can Use Over And Over

Those plastic bags they give you at the grocery store? Not the best for the environment. These mesh ones, on the other hand, are completely reusable — and the tags even tell you their tare weight. Each one eliminates up to 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime, and reviewers raved about how each order comes with a variety of sizes.
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24. A Set Of Knives Plated With Sharp Titanium

A quality set of knives can set you back a pretty penny — so grab these ones while they’re still available for less than $20. Unlike cheaper versions, they’re made from tough stainless steel that’s been plated with sharp titanium, making them scratch-resistant. Plus, the handles are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in both hands.
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25. The Reusable Cupcake Moulds That Come In Fun Shapes

The next time you’re stuck baking cupcakes for some event, use these moulds that come in a ton of fun shapes. They’ll make you look like you spent hours in the kitchen, and each one is even made from flexible silicone so that it’s easy to pop your cupcakes out once done. And as I’m sure you’ve guessed — yes, they’re also reusable.
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26. A Trio Of Airtight Containers For All Your Dry Goods

I bought these airtight containers on a complete impulse — and shockingly, they’ve turned out to be really useful. They’re completely airtight, which helps keep all your dry goods fresh. Plus, each one is large enough to hold up to a full pounds’ worth of brown sugar, or whatever else.
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27. The Hand Mixer That Powers Through Thick Dough

If I’m being honest? I don’t have the upper body strength to stir up dough, let alone whip egg whites into a foam. Instead, I’ve got this hand mixer. The beating attachments are made from ultra-tough reinforced nylon that powers through everything from tough doughs, to soft eggs. Simply adjust the speed from one to five, and it’ll do all the work for you.
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28. If You Own Cast Iron, You Need This Chainmail

If you own a cast iron skillet, you probably already know that washing it with soap and water will ruin the seasoning. This chainmail, on the other hand, gently buffs away stuck-on bits of food without ruining the coating — and it’s even made from rustproof stainless steel. So go ahead and get it wet, because it’ll be good for years to come.
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29. This Egg Cooker Made For The Microwave

One time I tried microwaving an egg on high for a few seconds — it did not end well. This egg cooker, however, is specifically made for making eggs in the microwave, and it’s able to do it in just one minute or less. It’s also non-stick, which means your eggs easily slide out once done.
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30. An Espresso Mug That’ll Keep Your Coffee Warm

Hoist your pinky high into the air as you take little sips from this espresso mug, because not only is it sleek and stylish, but so are you. It’s also insulated, helping to keep your coffee warmer for longer. And since it’s made from tough borosilicate glass — not plastic — it’s also more durable than your typical ceramic coffee mug.
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